Makes Life Simple

Don't struggle to find an outlet behind the bed again. BedPower allows you to place your outlet where you need it, when you need it.


If you’re not happy for any reason, we’ll refund your money.

Safety with a Charged Phone

Hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes, blizzards, and break-ins can happen at any moment. Having a charged phone within arms reach could save your life.

BedPower 2.0

More Than Just A Power Outlet


    • Great for plugging in all of your electronics (phones, tablets, laptops, lamps, fans, and so much more) while in bed. 

    Image of a BedPower 2.0 with 2 USB and 2 AC charging ports
  • Steel Bed Frame Clip

    • BedPower simply clips onto your bed in seconds for easy and secure access. Keeping your outlet off the floor and preventing you from losing it under the bed. 

    Image of a BedPower 2.0 attached to a Bed frame
  • Small Wire Clip

    • Great for your folding platform bed. 
    • Also clips to furniture with a thickness of .45-.65in (11.43-16.51mm)

    Image of a bonusbase bed frame with a BedPower attached to the side
  • Medium Wire Clip

    • Great for dorm beds, desks, slay beds, drawers and so much more. 
    • Also clips to furniture with a thickness of .75-1.00in (19.05-25.40mm)

    Image of a BedPower 2.0 attached to a college dorm desk with phone and computer
  • 8ft Heavy Duty Power Cord & 90° Plug

    • Additional extension cord not needed. The BedPower cord is long enough to go from the wall to foot of the bed.                                         • The 90° Plug is a space saving plug that fits into the nooks and crannies behind your bed and nightstand.

    Image of a bedpower 2.0 thring prog grounded plug


With small dorm rooms and limited power outlets behind furniture, BedPower is the perfect solution. BedPower simply clips to almost any desk or lofted dorm bed making for easy access.
Simply clip your BedPower on and never struggle to find another outlet again.

Image of a BedPower attached to a College Dorm Bed with computer and Cell Phone

We're more plugged-in than ever

Get your BedPower now and make life easy when plugging
in your phone, tablet, laptop, and so much more.

Image of a happy couple using their computer while in bed. BedPower
Image of a cell Phone, vacuume, CPAP, electric blanket, Laptop, lamp, alarm clock, Fan, Humidifier, and tablet. BedPower

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