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13 Must-Have Dorm Gadgets

The end of summer means freshly minted college students starting the next chapter of their lives and moving into those stunningly cramped dorm rooms. If this description applies to you and you’re facing the task of taking the blank slate room and making it something worthy of your residence, we’re here to help. College tech is all about keeping your devices charged, having enough lighting to read your notes and making sure you have a good alarm to get you to class on time! Check out these 13 must-have gadgets that will help make the time spent cooped up in your new room actually pretty pleasant.

Honest Mattress Reviews says "BEDPOWER IS A MUST Have Sleep Tech Accessory"

BedPower, Honest Mattress Reviews

BedPower Is A MUST Have Sleep Tech Accessory

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to charge your phone, iPad, and laptop at the same time when you just don’t have enough charging ports.  Well, Forever Foundations has a patent pending solution that will change your life!

Power Where YOU Need It When YOU Need It

Plug in all of your Electronics with ease. No more struggling to reach the outlet behind the nightstand or bed. Take advantage of BedPower and have easy access power on the side of your bed. Attach your Bedpower anywhere on your Forever foundation and never be in bed without power Again.

We’ve tested and rejected many power strips from Amazon due to bulky profiles, unstable power distribution, cheap quality.

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