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10 Overlooked Dorm Items

10 Overlooked Dorm Items

1. A weekender bag

Weekender Duffle Bag $29.99

For those weekends when you want head out to the city or spend some time at home, a weekender bag is the perfect size to pack a few days worth of clothes. 

2. Power Strip

BedPower 2.0 $29.99 (Save 20% Now with code: Save20   Ends 7/10)


A power strip will be a huge help to you because, let’s be honest, most dorm rooms won’t have nearly enough outlets for you and your roommate. And if a friend or two stay over in your dorm, where will they charge their electronics? Hopefully, in your power strip that you won’t forget!

3. Tape recorder

Olympus DP-10 Digital Voice Recorder $56.00

Save time studying by listening to recorded lectures at twice the speed. You can use your phone in most classes, however in a lecture hall you may not want to leave your phone on the teacher’s desk.

4. Door stop

Waxman® Hold-Up Door Stop 4.19

A door stop is another easily forgotten item that can really be useful, especially for freshmen. During your first week, doors are kept open in most residence halls so that you and your fellow dormmates can get to know each other. If you don’t have a door stop, it will be pretty difficult to keep your door open.


5. Paper plates

Before moving in, you may have the grand idea that you will use plastic plates and bowls and silverware like a grown adult. It will never last, Get paper and just toss them in the trash. You don't to dishes at home, why would you do dishes at school?

6. Umbrella

An umbrella is surprisingly enough on this list. It’s something a lot of us use many days out of the year, but we don’t think about. Also, move-in is in the summer, not exactly rainy season for most of us. However, Mother Nature sometimes decides to dump stuff on us, and by stuff, I mean gallons and gallons of water, which won’t be fun to walk to class in.

7. First-aid kit

First Aid Only All-purpose First Aid Kit, Soft Case with Zipper, 299-Piece Kit, Large $14.49

A first-aid kit is vital for every dorm room to have. You and your roommate can split one of these and take turns refilling it, but it’s also helpful to have a portable one with you. Unfortunately for some, mom isn’t going to be here to bandage up our bumps and scrapes anymore. Safety is an important thing and accidents happen. You can even get printed Band-Aids still, don’t worry.

8. Extra batteries

A lot of times, people forget to buy extra batteries. Don’t be one of these people. You may be thinking, “Everything is rechargeable, why do I need batteries?” and the answer is: more things still need batteries than you might think. Your calculator is one of those things. So is your new flashlight that you won’t be forgetting.

 9. Laptop lock

Kensington Combination Cable Lock $19.99

You may not always know who is coming in and out of your room. So make sure your most important belonging are protected.

10. Washi tape $9.99

Hang your photos and dorm posters with washi tape. It's pretty, and it won't take the paint off the wall.


Jul 10, 2017 • Posted by Leslie Gamble

Jr parent here. Yes to the power strip. We ended up with three. Also don’t forget an extension cord.
Paper plates are fine and I sent with my daughter. Proudly, they came back home. She also had two regular plates and used those. She attempted to be environmentally conscious as much as she could.
Most professors do not allow taping of lectures unless you have a disability reason.
First aide kit with cold and stomach virus meds included is a must. They will get sick at least once probably just before midterms…
Computer locks are only useful if they use them. They really need to not leave computer unoccupied in an unsecured place for even a second. They will get stollen.
More important than an umbrella is a really good rain coat.

Jul 05, 2017 • Posted by Gaye Sanchez

Thanks for the tips. I guess it’s list making again. ?

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