You probably should be, they are not going away any time soon! So, what should you do about them?  How do you keep them out of your rooms? More importantly, how do you keep them away from your hotel guests?

According to city and county Departments of Health in many areas across the country, “Hotel owners/operators should replace wooden bed frames with metal bed frames whenever possible.” (1)

If Departments of Health are recommending steel to replace wood for the bases and frames, then it’s logical to do the same for the foundations and box springs.  Why? 

The University of California, Agricultural and Natural Resources Statewide integrated Pest Management Program, May 2013 says,

“Common hiding places are typically located within 6 or fewer feet from areas where humans sleep or rest and include: along mattress seams and tufts; beneath covers; in wood joints of box springs; in cracks and joints of bed frames; behind baseboards and headboards; under loose wallpaper; behind picture frames; and inside furniture, appliances, electronics and upholstery. Bed bugs are more likely to harbor in or on materials made of wood, paper, or fabric as compared to those made of metal or plastic.(2)  

Using steel limits the amount of hiding places for the bed bug to harbor.  Spaces and gaps between the blocks of wood, splinters, knots, and bark are all hiding places for bed bugs, spiders, mites (and any other bug for that matter), and are their cozy little homes.  It has also been reported that bed bugs have a more difficult time moving on smooth surfaces such as plastic, glass and steel.
Forever Foundations bed frame foundationSo, what really is the real costs of bed bugs?

Bed bugs are most active and feed at night. When the food source (room guest) is near, they move out to dine. Guests seeing bed bugs, or worse, being bitten, could mean more than just an upset guest. “Bed bugs are not known to spread disease, but their bites can sometimes cause painful reactions in sensitive individuals. Some people may have mild to severe allergic reaction to the bites and scratching these bites can lead to secondary infections of the skin. Others may suffer from loss of sleep and anxiety, which may lead to or exacerbate existing mental health problems. Out of desperation, some people may misuse pesticides or try dangerous methods to control bedbugs that can have negative human health and environmental effects. Pesticide contamination can render buildings uninhabitable.”(3)

Also, in the world of today’s social media, even the sighting of bed bugs by a guest may spell negative reviews, and we all know what that can cost. 

Bed Bug, Wood Foundation, Nail sticking out, dirty   Bed Bug, Wood Foundation, Nail sticking out, dirty   Bed Bug, Wood Foundation, bed foundation corner, dirty

Is steel better than wood?

Bed bug treatment specialists are reporting that when steel frames and foundations are used instead of wood, they note a significant decrease in bed bug sightings in and around the bed. This means a potentially savings in bed bug treatment costs and room downtime, which can be substantial.  Because less time is needed to treat steel components verses wood and the drying time is normally less, often the room can be ready for guests the same day the treatment was done decreasing revenue loss.

Forever Foundations Bedpower
Are you concerned about bed bugs? 

Are you doing all that you can to reduce bed bug costs, bed bug incidents, and bed bug treatments? Simply using steel reduces the places where bed bugs can hide on or in and around the bed. Steel will help keep bed bugs away from guests, reduce sightings, treatments, and save you money. 

The Store More RESORT is all-steel bed foundation with a smooth black powder-coat finish that is difficult for the bed bugs to hide and to travel on.  It helps keep bed bugs away from the mattress and away from the guest.  The RESORT reduces pest control costs, reduces room downtime, is 100% recyclable and in California, Connecticut and Rhode Island, exempt from recycle fees.


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